Eleanor W. Skoch

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Eleanor Skoch family

To each of you it was my great loss to be out of state at the time of your mother’s funeral. Paul and Eleanor were always special to me. I did spend a lot of time at grandpa and grandma Bokerns.Maybe because our grandma Burdiek was dying of cancer and your mom helped mom by taking us to there house. She was always there to serve others. She helped us when one or two of our siblings were born.
When I heard of her death we were traveling to Texas. I knew of her excellent baking skills and I thought I wonder how many angel food cakes she baked.
On our marriage encounter weekend they were our prayer couple.How special was that.
The last time we visited her she was in the dining room at Crestview she spotted Ron about 30 feet away and said well Ronnie what are you doing here. It was hard to convince her that she was the reason
She was always so welcoming. In her better days she loved to share about her children and grandchildren. We would see all the pictures and hear the stories.
The funeral was lovely I was told . I expected that it would be.
I thank the Lord for your beautiful family. May the Lord comfort you each day forever.
Love from Ron and Annette y


Prayers of comfort for all the family during this loss of a special woman! Our thoughts are with you during this loss! May memories give you great comfort.
Richar and Laurie Josefiak


For all the Skoch family, I'm sorry to hear about losing your mother/grandmother. It's never easy and my prayers are that your memories sustain you all.


I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Mother. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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